Move Me Productions

Moving Pictures Festival


This is a live festival held every three months. Current location is Nieuwmoer, Kalmthout, Belgium.

Every three months the festival runs during the course of one evening, usually from 19.30hrs to 22.00hrs with a short ten minute break in between.
The audience chooses the winners, being one national short movie and one international short movie. Additionally, there is the Prize of the Press, given by the members of the written media who are attending the Festival.

Moving Pictures Festival is your typical “family night out” festival. We get people from all over the place, just wantint to have a good time, a pleasant evening out, have a few drinks and talk with other attendees and filmmakers about the movies they just saw. The Festival does not only have the audience as visitors, filmmakers from all around visit as well. We had filmmakers from Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and even from Canada visiting the Festival.

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